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Freight Rate Update: June 2019

Ronald Vincent | M.E. Dey & Co.

Here is the latest update on current freight rates for both Import and Export cargo. M.E. Dey provides the best possible rates available to our clients by reviewing various carrier options. We’ll keep you advised and informed as trade updates are announced.


Mexico to U.S. Border Shipments

  • With the recent shifting of CBP manpower at the southern U.S. border, shipments destined to the U.S. via truck are experiencing delays.
  • M.E. Dey provides air, truck and ocean freight services from Mexico to the U.S.
  • If you would like to explore alternative shipping methods and pricing for your shipments from Mexico, please contact

Trans-Atlantic Westbound (Import)

  • Rates remain stable, but we continue to see issues with low water affecting inland movements via barge.
  • Space is still very tight with vessels sailing at capacity. We encourage customers to book as least 2 weeks in advance.

Trans-Atlantic Eastbound (Export)

  • Rates remain stable. Equipment availability has improved, but some origins/carriers continue to have equipment shortages.
  • We encourage customers to book at least a week in advance.

Trans-Pacific Westbound (Export)

  • Rates remain stable. Equipment availability has improved, but some origins/carriers continue to have equipment shortages.
  • With some carriers we are having to book 2 weeks in advance.


Trans-Pacific Eastbound (Import)

  • The new TPEB contracts have been signed. In most cases contract rates are $200-$400 higher than last year.
  • The steamship lines built on their success last year managing capacity and were able to push through and stick to higher rates at the beginning of May. However, now that the Trump administration has implemented additional duties/tariffs on Chinese goods demand has softened in the past two weeks. Weekly spot rates have dropped significantly on many lanes due to excess capacity. In response, steamship lines have announced additional blank sailings for June to remove capacity and try to prop up rates.
  • While the steamship lines continue to play the monthly GRI game, we are hearing the spot rates are projected to remain the same through the end of June. However, this could all change if China and the U.S. conclude a trade agreement.


US Domestic

  • Truck power remains in high demand in many U.S. markets. Chicago continues to see very tight capacity.


M.E. Dey and Co. monitors the market daily to find competitive rates that pair well with exceptional transportation services. We provide fixed rate contracts in addition to standard market rates. Contact us to talk with a representative or request a quote to get started.