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ediWebTracker Enhancements at M.E. Dey


With port delays and an unpredictable economic recovery in progress, now is more important than ever to have a pulse on your cargo. M.E. Dey is proud to announce real-time tracking to our ediWebTracker. We have published a new ‘Carrier Milestones’ feature allowing customers to see freight milestones from ocean and rail carriers as they happen. Clients can see container-specific information such as when freight loads onto the vessel, discharges at the port and moves on rail inland. With this data, customers will be able to plan and adapt as a result of possible port congestion delays and even pull easy-to-read status updates directly from the WebTracker for organizational use.


For more information or questions about this service, connect with Sarah Azar, VP of Business Development at M.E. Dey,