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10 Reasons to Control Your Freight (Why you shouldn’t ship Ex-Works)

Staff | M.E. Dey & Co.

Once you’ve sold your goods to a foreign buyer you want to ensure goods arrive safely, efficiently and on time, while satisfying regulatory requirements of you the exporter. This best ensures you can collect payment from the buyer and have a happy repeat customer, while staying out of trouble with our government. Shipping Ex-Works forfeits control and the ability to ensure the best outcome. We recommend choosing the forwarder and controlling the movement of your precious cargo.

  1. Controlling how your freight moves ensures customer service. You can compare pricing and transit options to meet the customers’ needs. It will also provide you with the ability to track the shipment and know when the order is delivered.
  2. When you control your freight, you choose the forwarder who is working with YOUR interest in mind. Your forwarder can help ensure you meet specific Letter of Credit requirements or other criteria necessary to ensure payment from the buyer.
  3. When you control the transportation, you and your forwarder determine how your goods are moving which is a fundamental requirement of Customs compliance known as Destination Control.
  4. Choosing the forwarder and controlling your freight ensures export compliance procedures. The forwarder is working for you and will assist with satisfying requirements on anti-boycott, denied parties screening and export licensing.
  5. By obtaining a freight quote in advance, you can provide your customer with Landed Cost pricing and avoid overseas hidden costs for you or your customer.
  6. Every country has unique requirements. Your forwarder can assist with research on necessary documentation to help ensure proper clearance in the country of destination.
  7. Relationships matter! By nominating a primary forwarder as your agent they will become familiar with your shipping processes and eliminate challenges communicating with numerous forwarders or carriers appointed by your customers.
  8. Working with YOUR forwarder, you control the accuracy and timely transmission of AES filings Allowing your customer’s forwarder to transmit AES on behalf will sacrifice your visibility and may result in untimely filing and consequent penalties to you.
  9. Your forwarder can provide cargo insurance and minimize your risk of loss.
  10. Your forwarder works to accommodate YOUR production schedule and can provide multiple shipping options to meet shipping deadlines.