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Since 1907, we have been committed to providing unprecedented customer service through automation and building relationships. We have grown from our humble beginning in Milwaukee to an international presence today, with established partner offices around the world, providing personalized service to manage all your transportation needs safely and effectively. 

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  • 1907


    M.E. Dey & Company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Mae Elizabeth Dey in 1907. Awarded Custom Broker License Number 5, Miss Dey and her company operate exclusively as a Customs Broker.

  • 1922

    Becoming a Family Business

    Mae Elizabeth Dey’s nephew, Rolland Gardenier joins the company while attending Marquette University.

  • 1927


    M.E. Dey expands the firm, in part through contacts with old Milwaukee companies, such as Harnischfeger and Falk. The company incorporates.

  • 1929

    New Management

    Rolland Gardenier takes over the office.

  • 1945

    Expanded operations

    Operations expand to include Export Forwarding and a license is obtained to operate as a Federal Maritime Commission Forwarder.

  • 1951

    Staff Expansion

    Rolland’s oldest son, Richard Gardenier, joins the company at age 20.

  • 1977

    A New President & New Technology

    Richard becomes president. His oldest son Robert, an accountant, joins the firm and M.E. Dey installs their first computer system, becoming the first Milwaukee Customs Broker to automate office operations. Also, a full-service Freight Forwarding Department is established as the company enters the export arena.

  • 1980

    Import Automation

    The entire import entry process is automated and M.E. Dey becomes the first Milwaukee Customs Broker to interface directly with U.S. Customs through the Automated Broker Interface system (ABI).

  • 1982

    New Leadership

    Rolland Gardenier dies, just days short of sixty years of service to M.E. Dey & Co. Rolland's son, Richard Gardenier, continues as President, With his father's innovative business sense, keeping the company a step ahead of an ever-changing marketplace.

  • 1983

    Expanded Locations

    Sandi Siegel is hired as an entry writer and the company expands again with the opening of an office next to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. M.E. Dey is the first broker in Milwaukee, and one of only six brokers in Chicago.

  • 1990

    End of an Era

    Richard Gardenier retires from the company with over 40 years of service.

  • 1996

    Bright Horizons

    Sandi Siegel becomes Executive Vice President.

  • 2016

    West Coast Expansion

    M.E. Dey expands with a third office in the Port of Long Beach, a major gateway for International Trade.

  • Today

    A Strong Future

    Today – M.E. Dey & Co., Inc., which began with a single employee, now operates three offices and employs more than five dozen professionals to assist clients with nearly all aspects of their Import and Export programs. Having survived a worldwide depression, numerous recessions, two major and several minor wars, protectionism and the ravages of inflation, the company's commitment to customer service has remained constant from the time of steam and sail, to the era of containers, stack trains and around the world service.

    As the fourth generation leader, Robert has led the business with a focus on automation and development of electronic services. Robert’s vision is shared by Executive Vice President, Sandi Siegel. Together they have grown M.E. Dey & Co., Inc. by expanding the Brokerage division, developing a worldwide transportation network, and adding a Consulting and Compliance division.