"You make everything easier.

- Brian Doughty
Everyone should be working
with M.E. Dey!"


Fabulous! Thanks very much. It’s a joy to work with ME Dey. You are all very professional and really know your stuff. Thank you.
Stacy PetersonConnoils, LLC.

I just have to say this… you are both awesome. You guys always answer my … questions perfectly. It’s so refreshing to have people who know what they’re talking about handling my shipments. These people are GREAT. They are really on the ball and handle all the details. Best customer service ever and great pricing.

Phil BarnhartProtoVision Displays, LLC.

You have no idea how happy I am to be working with you guys again. You make everything easier…everyone should work with ME Dey!

Brian DoughtyDirector of Logistics

You have been fantastic to work with, as well. I know that you are doing everything humanly possible to get us our freight tomorrow and I truly appreciate it.

I had somebody ask me if we have worked with this particular freight forwarder in the past (indicating that a new freight forwarder could bring risk). My comment was that I have not, nor have I found one that is more responsive to our needs. I have every confidence that you will do everything possible to keep that shipment arrival time tomorrow.

I am certainly pleased that we chose to partner with Evans on this shipment and that Evans chose to partner with M.E. Dey. Please feel free to pass my favorable comments to any and all within your organization or outside.

Jim AmendVP of Supply Chain

I am woe-free!

Everything, primarily the communication, from your office(s) has been outstanding. And most of our suppliers are getting the hang of it as well and that’s a good, no – not good, um… a miraculously wonderful thing!

Jeff EdenhoferOlympic Supply

We had an air shipment that became the shipment from hell – delays, splits, reroutes, missed loading, holds, etc. etc. This shipment contained a tea we had scheduled to be delivered a week ago. It is for a very large order for a new customer. I am writing this now knowing that the tea, delivered this morning, will be packed and timely delivered to our customer because of your efforts.

I truly believe that if you were not constantly working the phones and emails to Chicago, Minneapolis, Northwest, USDA, In-Flight and others that this shipment would not be here even as you read this. You even checked in with the Terminal after 9pm Friday night to confirm when it was available for pickup, then contacted the trucker to re-schedule pickup so he would not be waiting and we do not get hit with additional charges.

And through this you kept us informed with the shipments’ status. You were proactive, anticipating what could (and unfortunately did) happen and planning contingencies, yet always keeping costs in mind.

As challenging as this shipment was, with so much out of our (Rishi & ME Dey) control, your help, dedication and especially, communication got the shipment here and kept the frustration to a minimum.

Dan BoyeaControllerRishi Tea

Fabulous! You are the best! If I could, I’d use ME Dey for every single shipment I make!

Chrissy BlanchardRBP Chemical Technology

I would like to Thank-You for your constant updates. Over the 30 + years of equipment installations and the receipt of dozens of parts or supplies, have I ever had anyone keep me informed as well as you did. I’m usually lucky to have a call from the trucker the day before. Sometimes they just show up and say the dispatcher was supposed to call.

Again, I Thank-You for you persistence and look forward to working with you or another shipper that could even match a quarter of the service you provided.

Jim SobelProject Engineer


Thanks very much. It’s a joy to work with ME Dey. You are all very professional and really know your stuff.

Thank you.

Stacy PetersonConnoils, LLC.

You have been one of the nicest, most excellent and best carrier I have ever dealt with. I can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary service you gave us while transporting this equipment to our plant.

It is really amazing the way you handled it from the beginning. For the first time in 9 years I have been working with Hammond, I didn’t do anything, but just wait for the equipment to arrive, because you took care of it since Canada all the way down to Mexico.

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda.. thanks a lot for your great help, support and service given on this last delivery, it was an outstanding delivery from you.

Talk to you soon and I hope we meet again on another equipment delivery.

Dolores WrightHammond Power Solutions Inc.

It is a pleasure to work with you and your staff. Thank you!

Charles L. KeepmanExecutive Vice PresidentEvans Transportation Services, Inc.